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A cloud of jingles is always following, always haunting your every move. There is no escape from its clangs and clatters. So, at the end, it is your choice, and your choice only, to either glide through life like a cipher constraining the noise emanating from your bell, or you make it ring in enchanting melodies, with all the pride and ceremonious happiness residing in your heart. If we were to examine the outcast history of cinema, we would get to the conclusion that this bell has rang with ambivalent blusters along the years. They were aware of their deformed nature, and therefore, their only reachable atonement was dead. Remember Mrs.
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Week Analysis of Brokeback Mountain | Post American Gay Literature and Film

Tweet Ennis tells Jack about something he saw as a boy. They were the joke of the town, even though they were pretty tough old birds. Ennis says: "My dad, he made sure me and my brother saw it. For all I know, he did it. Years after he first makes love with Jack on a Wyoming mountainside, after his marriage has failed, after his world has compressed to a mobile home, the laundromat, the TV, he still feels the same pain: "Why don't you let me be? It's because of you, Jack, that I'm like this -- nothing, and nobody.
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Heath Ledger hated gay jokes about Brokeback Mountain, says co-star Jake Gyllenhaal

Continue reading the main story Only weeks after its release in the United States, "Brokeback Mountain" is on the verge of being embalmed in importance. A lightning rod for attention even before it opened, the film has earned plaudits from critics' groups along with predictable sneers, and it has provoked argument over its gay bona fides. That "Brokeback" is a landmark is a matter of empiricism; its merits as a work of art are a matter of taste. What has gone missing is that this is also that rare American film that seamlessly breaches the divide between the political and the personal, the past and the present.
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Unlike most gay novels during this time period, the short story takes place entirely in a rural setting rather than chronicle the movement of the main character from a small town to a big city. The rural setting contributes to its literary and cultural impact as well as justifies its placement within the post American gay literary canon. In this homosexual community, he finds acceptance and meets his love interest, Andrew Sutherland.

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