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Total 0 votes Loading It had been a couple months since my mom and I had that first encounter in the club. He and my mom went that next weekend and I stayed home to watch my little sisters. Not that I care about gory films, but Macy is only six, so we try not to spoil her mind with that kind of stuff.


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I picked Zack up a few weeks later. Sylvia wanted me to go in for a cup of tea, but after what Zack had told me about her being strict with him, I didn't want to. I made a sarcastic comment about taking him to see his uncle, and his Auntie Faye. I hit the nerve I was looking for as she gulped and looked embarrassed. Serve the bitch right!

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Shelves: , celebrity-sportstars , genre-erotica , theme-enemies-to-lovers , theme-long-time-crushes , genre-new-adult , dnf-or-made-me-dumber I am one of those people who fails to be impressed by anything that should be easy but becomes too difficult. Having a ebook that begins by giving you two chapters, and then sticking another book in the middle is a bad. To clarify: the second chapter gives you a link to the end of the ebook where Zach, the book, picks back up. I am lazy as hell in my daily life and traditional as all get out in book formatting; clicking that one extra button dropped this review a full star. Zach is a meathead joc I am one of those people who fails to be impressed by anything that should be easy but becomes too difficult.
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