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All rights reserved A pair of sailfin mollies, one of the species the Amazon molly exploits to reproduce. Read Caption Photo by Flickr user theflamingred A pair of sailfin mollies, one of the species the Amazon molly exploits to reproduce. Amazon mollies , technically known as Poecilia formosa, are a hybrid species composed entirely of females. Sometime around , years ago, in a river or stream geneticists have pinned rather specifically to the vicinity of Tampico, Mexico, a pairing of a sailfin molly Poecilia latipinna and an Atlantic molly Poecilia mexicana resulted in a new fish lineage that has since relied on males of both those ancestral species to mate. Amazon mollies are sexual parasites.
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What's to know about parasites?

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Parasites: Types, in humans, worms, and ectoparasites

The microscopic plant pest feeds on roots and has been known to have a devastating effect on food crops across many different climates. Scientists had in the past considered non-sexual reproduction to be a counter-evolutionary tactic; as sexually reproductive species tended to outpace their sexless counterparts, often leading to an evolutionary dead end. So what makes the nematode the exception to the rule? By comparing the genomes of the most devastating species of asexual nematodes to sexual nematodes, a group of researchers at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research determined that the asexual nematodes were undergoing a state of hybridization that was making their genome architecture incredibly diverse.
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The unique ability of the snail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum, to hold asexual and sexual forms allowed scientists to confirm the strategic advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction. The results of this study were recently published in the July issue of the American Naturalist. Many organisms within the animal kingdom display sexual reproduction. The theory to explain this trend was The Red Queen hypothesis, which explains that sexual reproduction allows for host species to develop new genetic defenses against parasites.
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Often there are no symptoms, or symptoms appear long after infection, but the parasite can still be transmitted to another person, who may develop symptoms. Human parasites Many types of parasites can affect humans. Here are some examples of parasites and the diseases they can cause. Acanthamoebiasis This tiny ameba can affect the eye, the skin, and the brain.

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