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If you have not watched the Iron Fist Season 2 finale, now is the time to check out one of our spoiler-free articles. The events of the finale and the series at lage will be discussed at length. If you were confused about Iron Fist Season 2, you are not alone. Here is the Iron Fist Season 2 ending, explained. There are major spoilers for 'Iron Fist' Season 2 ahead.
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Iron Fist (comics)

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'Iron Fist' Goes Completely Off-Book With the White Fist and Its Wielder

More importantly, though, Mary also makes the decision to stay close to Joy Meachum, who hired her to kill Danny, in order to use her and her wealth, presumably in some future villainous plan. In addition to multiple personalities, comics Mary has a variety of psionic powers including telekinesis, telepathy, and pyrokinesis, things that make her particularly deadly for a street-level villain. While the two versions of the character bear little resemblance to one another, the tone and direction Iron Fist lands on by the end of the season strongly suggests that the show is going to lean into the fantastical going forward. In the comics, Sam Chung a brilliant gymnast whose life is turned upside down when his family becomes entangled with the Church of the Sheltering Hands, an offshoot of the nefarious Hand. Like Mary, Sam Chung is markedly different than his comics counterpart, but as Iron Fist continues to dig deeper into the comics lore for new material, Blindspot feels like a character destined to make an appearance on the show. Advertisement Comics are extra, amirite?
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Iron Fist Comic Books

I thought that was a good name, and we already had Master of Kung Fu going, but I thought, "Maybe a superhero called Iron Fist, even though we had Iron Man , would be a good idea. As the Marvel Premiere issues had successfully established a considerable readership for the character, [2] following this run, Iron Fist was immediately spun off into the solo series Iron Fist, which ran 15 issues November — September The solo series was written by Claremont and pencilled by Byrne. A subplot involving the Steel Serpent left unresolved by the cancellation of the series was wrapped up in issues 63—64 of Marvel Team-Up. To rescue the character from cancellation, Marvel paired Iron Fist with another character who was no longer popular enough to sustain his own series, Luke Cage.
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Iron Fist season 2 's back half is a pretty exciting rush of big action and big developments, which culminate in some shocking twists that shakeup the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the biggest development of Iron Fist season 2 has to do with the power of the iron fist, and who holds it. That plan involves drugging Davos and performing an ancient K'un Lun ritual on him - which almost works, until Davos stops the ritual when it is only halfway complete, and with Colleen, not Danny as the new inheritor of the fist. Iron Fist season 2 ends with Danny and Ward Meachum teaming up together to go on the hunt for the man who possessed the corpse of an old Iron Fist wielder which Davos stole for his ritual: that man's name is Orson Randall, and some of his other powerful artifacts help Danny unlock a brand new type of power: when he and Ward find themselves facing some Japanese gangsters in a bar, Danny whips out two pistols stolen from Randall, and uses them to channel his iron fist chi through the bullets!

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