America’s Got Talent Vote Will Shift Online Gambling Betting Odds



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Simon Cowell may have known what he was doing when he decided to leave American Idol after last season. Cowell has brought America’s got Talent to the US, and viewers have responded by tuning in each week. The show is down to the final ten, and on Tuesday night they performed their various acts.

After the show, the America’s Got Talent vote took place, and the results will be revealed on Wednesday. As is the case with any reality competition these days, odds can be found online for gamblers who want to try and predict the winner. Each of the acts have odds based on past performance.

The betting favorite heading into the show on Tuesday was ten year old singer Jackie Evancho. The soprano singer has captured the attention and imagination of the nation, and currently has odds of 11/10 to win the title. Fighting Gravity, another popular act, has odds of 5/2.

These shows do not always go according to plan for online sports books. Several season’s ago, Kris Allen was a 60/1 long shot to win American Idol when the competition reached the twelve finalists. week after week, Allen improved his standing with the judges and voters, and his odds began to drop.

By the end, Allen had won the competition, and those who bet on the singer early in the show made themselves a big pay day. For the America’s Got Talent competition, it is a little late in the game for gamblers to choose long shots this season. Jeremy Vanschoohoven has odds of 50/1, but at this point not many viewers believe he can win.

Proposition bets have become a popular form of gambling for those who want to wager on something other than sports. Gamblers have options that range from Dancing with the Stars, all the way to prop bets having to deal with celebrities and their partying habits.

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American Idol Gambling To Include Fifteen Year Old Contestants

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Online sports books such as Bodog have started to offer American Idol betting odds over the past couple of years. Gamblers have taken to the proposition betting, and millions of dollars is wagered each year on the contestants that reach the top twelve.

On Monday, American Idol announced that next season, the age limit for contestants will be dropped from sixteen to fifteen. That makes millions of teeny-boppers excited that they can try out, but it places sports books in a further dilemma.

There has always been controversy surrounding gambling on college athletics because the majority of the participants in those sports are amateurs and young adults. American idol has made things worse for odds makers who must place odds on sixteen year-old contestants if they make it far in the competition.

Other questions surround the curious decision to lower the age limit. Critics point to last year, when Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens seemed ill-equipped to handle the emotional strain that the competition places on the singers.

Justin Bieber is the biggest star in the world right now in the teenage pop scene, and his success may have prompted the move by American Idol. Opponents of the new age limit, however, still believe that there are only so many Bieber’s in the world.

“Justin Bieber has been marketed correctly from the beginning,” said AI fan Beverly Schnapp. “These contestants have to wait in long lines and deal with tremendous emotional strain during the audition process, and those who do not make it will be devastated. It will wear on them for the rest of their lives.”

Of course, the biggest news that will come from American idol this summer will not be the age limit change, but the announcement of who will replace Simon Cowell as the fourth judge on the show. The judges are not expected to see Idol contestants until September, but casting calls will begin this summer in front of Idol producers.

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American Idol Betting Odds Finale Preview: Bowersox The Underdog

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The American Idol finale is tonight, and over twenty million people in the US are expected to watch Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox battle it out to become the next American Idol. Online gambling sites will be offering betting opportunities on the finale right up until the live show begins on FOX.

For the better part of the live shows, DeWyze has been the betting favorite. He took over the favorite role from Bowersox, and has not relinquished his spot. Going into the finale, DeWyze has odds of -225 to win the competition.

Bowersox has performed at a high level throughout the competition, but does not seem to have the support she once enjoyed from the judges. Any gamblers believing that Bowersox will emerge victorious will find odds as high as +195. that would mean a two to one return on their investment.

Online sports books quickly jumped on the American Idol phenomenon several seasons ago and it has proven to be a profitable endeavor for the online gambling sites. With hundreds of millions of people watching the show in the first eight seasons, it seemed only logical that the betting sites would get in on that type of action.

“As American idol has become a staple for Americans on Tuesday night, the betting on the show has increased in the past several years,” said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins. “While the viewership has decreased in recent years, the gambling has increased, with bettors taking a chance on long shots early in the competition.”

At one point last season, eventual winner Kris Allen was a 60/1 long shot. Anyone that would have wagered $100 on Allen at that particular time, would have won $6,000 when he took down the competition and won season eight.

This year, both finalists came out of the Chicago, Illinois auditions. DeWyze has grown confident in recent weeks, and Bowersox has remained consistent throughout. The finale is set for 8PM tonight on FOX, and the results show will air tomorrow night.